Do you think I messed up with this guy beyond repair? Please please help?

I've gone out with him three times. Today was the third. I hugged him at the end of the second date, but other than that we haven't done anything else physical. When we were saying goodbye today (we went to a couple of Improv shows, one of which his brother was in. His mom was also in the crowd, so I met her.. We laughed a lot, it was pretty great)
I was about to walk away and he said "do I get a hug?" and I said "Yeah, you get a hug!" and I, um, hugged him haha, and then I pulled away to break the hug, but I'm pretty sure he was leaning in for a kiss. I... Didn't. I said something about him telling his brother that the show was really good, and then walked away. I felt (and still feel) completely awkward (I just want to vomit up all my internal organs and then have the earth swallow me up) and I feel like I might have messed up big time...
I'm 22 and have zero experience, so I'm not used to guys being interested in me as more than a friend, let alone interested in kissing me! So I really wasn't expecting it at all.
So what do you think? Cause I'm kind of freaking out here.


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  • You are perfectly fine. It's normal to not be into that at first. Like you said, you're not used to it and nobody should expect you to be. I'm sure he'd understand.


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