I'm nervous about my first kiss with my boyfriend. What should I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating since the end of April. We cuddle and hold hands, but we've never kissed. I know he wants to, but he's shy (being his very first kiss). I want to kiss him, but I'm nervous. Which is a problem I've never had before, I've always thought it's a kiss no big deal, but with Nathan, it suddenly became a huge deal. I don't know what to do. Please give me tips to calm down and just kiss him. (I have a feeling he's not going to make to first move)


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  • I've been in your exact same shoes. It's scary the whole thing, it really is. As a guy, we generally are supposed to make the first move on a girl, but sometimes wait until we know for sure it's the right time. For me, I waited to make sure she had the same feelings I had for her, and once the kiss happened, it was the best thing in the world, honestly. Waiting is better than making your move early.

    Now, for tips. You are the girl, sit back and enjoy the ride, but kiss back of course. For a first kiss, there usually isn't that much tounge, but it comes naturally. If he still isn't making a move, let him know how much you enjoy being with him. Let him know how much he means to you. talk about your relationship and your guys future together. Us guys love that and it gives us confidence to make a move, and assurence that you like us back.

    If he still isn't gling forward, then show more affection from your side. Make subtle but assuring contact. Brush his shoulder. Hold his hand. Lean in a bit when the moments right. I promise, it will all come naturally. Maybe he's just waiting? But doing this will show your feelings toward him. Remember, it takes confidence from our side too ;)


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