Dating a tomboy with spiked hair?

Yes or no: would you date such a girl?

And yes, the tomboy aspect goes beyond her fashion sense and hairstyle as well, her personality is tomboy-ish too!

We've started dating, and ever since then she started to dress more feminine and starting to keep longer hair. :D It's still tomboy-ish, but in a cute way now.


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  • Yes, as long as she is heterosexual and doesn't try to "be a man". Then sure I'll date a tomboy, it looks quite cute on some girls.

    I tend to like some short hair styles on girls as well so I am pretty open-minded of the girl's style preference. If she's a good girlfriend then her being a tomboy is cool with me.

    • well said! I think bobhair works the best though!

    • I agree I love the bob haircut on women. Cute and simple yet attractive looking.

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  • I don't think you can 'date' a tomboy! You can only be friends...