Help Confused by my ex boyfriend?

Me and my ex was together for such a short time, we fell in love instantly. Met his family and friends within the first two weeks, spending everyday together and so on. I messed it up after a month and we broke up. I'm a taurus and he's an Aries, so you can imagine when the bull explodes. Anyhow he didn't talk to me for months, we flirt back n forth and blue moon and finally after seven months we saw each other and it was as if we never broke up. I told him I was going out of town and he said to call when I'm back and we will spend some time together. I guess I'm confused because I expected to hear from him while out of town or just more attention and I'm not getting it. Still out of town but want to hear from him and sad. Am I being silly? Is he taking things slow? Playing games? Please help.


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  • You are being very silly right now.

    Horoscopes have been proven to be false.

    He IS giving you attention! Call me when you get back DOES mean something.

    Instead of complaining about the signs you do not have, be happy he wants you to call him!


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