Boyfriend left for college, can this work?

I only met the guy im dating about 3 weeks before he left for college and we had talked everyday up until today. I spent all day worrying about it and before he left he gave me a tiffany bracelet and said he was falling in love with me. He also said he'd call whenever he could and to have me call whenever i want. He also said that if i wanted to casually date other guys i could JUST until he gets back ( he emphasized that part), he also said that he was worried that he might get drunk one night and make out with some other girl and he doesn't want to hurt me. I want him to have the college experience but im also nervous about losing him. I know that if its meant to happen then it will happen, but im terrified that we won't stay together, and today is the only day that we haven't talked since we met on July 31st. Does he sound serious about us?


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  • Yeah, I left for MIT for 3 years and i'm still with my girlfriend :D Except she went to a different college (Columbia Law School) too but we still kept our relationship through skyping!


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  • No. Long term-relationships don't really work, especially if you just started dating three weeks ago. Having a boyfriend in College is a liability, and it's obvious he's worried it might not work since he permits you to date other guys. Just peacefully call it off.

  • bread is more important that love


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  • it can work if you make it work, you have to figure out time for each other, some days you won't talk - its hard i bet, but college is hard, so if the stress gets to him then... that ssucks but as long as you try it has a possibility of working out

    • you're right, relationships are work and i shouldn't fret over every little thing. You need trust in everything to make it right. thanks!

    • Yes trust eachother! :) Don't worry about a thing.

    • Glad i could help!! :)