Did you ever miss out on having a relationship / date?

There was this really awesome and hot guy, I thought I would have no chance with. So, I did not really show my interest. Now it came out, he really really liked me and wanted to get to know me, but it's too late, because he is dating someone else now.

Did that ever happen to you, out of your own stupidity/shyness or whatever, you lost a big chance?


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  • yes it's happened before but plenty more fish in the sea didn't take long to meet someone else


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  • Wweeeeeeeell... Sort of. I was a manager at a retail store in my mid 20s and one day we hired this absolutely gorgeous girl named Grace. Super sweet, fun and playful, great style, very femmy, excellent associate, pretty much just awesome all around. I'm not one to make moves at work, especially with subordinates, but I have to say I was very tempted by her. So maybe 3-4 months later she got a job in Sacramento and on her last day as she was leaving I told her, "You know Grace, I just have to tell you, I had the biggest crush on you," and she replied with," Why didn't you say something?"

    Aaaarrrrrhhhhhhh. What can you do?


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