Really like this person?

What do you do if you really like someone that lives in another state?


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  • If the one I really like is in another state or town, I'm going to phone or chat everyday and every night. But I'm going to do this work if it's sure that he like me too. If not, I'm not going to do it. I live alone.

    • We do talk everynight but it feels like this isn't going to working cuz she's always working and going to skool and so im i

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    • We do talk all day everyday we wake up and she sends me good morning. Or ill fo the same like i can tell she likes me and i have told her i like her but she said she is not planning of moving out of state and im not planning of moving out of state

    • Uh.. Hun!! So, both of you have to decide thoroughly if you wanna live together. I believe that if you are sure that you love each other with true love, I'm sure, you will be okay one day. U know, true love is not straight. True love does not depend on age, residence, ... Try!!!
      Good Luck!

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  • Find someone in-state.


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  • thats a tough one. well you can visit her and get to know her more and spend time with her and see if you both can have a future together. I don't know i got my 3 am thinking brain on right now hahaa :D

    • Lol i tried telling her that this isn't going to work cuz of the distance but i can't just be friends with her cuz i really like her

    • seems like you already know what the rational thing is to do.

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