He's aware he didn't fool me right? I don't want this guy thinking anything else?

Basically the moron I was seeing was trying to manipulate me to have sex the whole time.

I wasn't dumb enough to allow it, but he did touch me a lot and kiss me.

He would bring up how I don't trust him randomly and seem hurt by that. And I would be upfront- no not fully and I don't know you well, and you always know what to say. Even compliments he would give me I would say that he probably tells that to other girls.

He seemed quite aware that I wasn't sold on him and would bring that up.

Tried to convince me and come off as a nice guy. I thought he was a decent person at least but the way he wanted to touch me all the time I found off.

I also found it off that he wanted to push off commitment and randomly said we weren't exclusive while also talking of a relationship in the future.

He stopped giving me any time after we weren't physically seeing each other. Also off for me.

I brought it up- told him he was leading me on with mixed signals and that I wanted him to clarify and that he didn't seem genuinely interested.

We talked and he said that he respected I was done and that he would still see other women while talking to me. Didn't seem to think he did anything wrong.

I called him out via text and told him how he was wrong and not genuinely interested. Got angry and acted rude. Seemed angry I defriended him when he said he wouldn't care about that before.

Seemed to be under the impression that I wanted to cut contact because he didn't want to be my bf ATM.

The thing was also that I know he used me for sex but i didn't say so. Should have.

Then tried to come off as a nice guy who wanted the best for me and who did want to date me but deciding so isn't "cut and dry".

Was he basically trying to reel me back in?

I told him that you know if you want someone and it isn't that difficult. And also that he is not genuinely interested.

He knows I'm not fooled here, right? I want the douche to know it didn't work on me.


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  • if he didn't fuck then he knows it didn't work


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