Guys what would you think of a girl that would do this?

When starting a long distance relationship like to the point you have only talked and never met. Say I've been talking to you for a good few weeks

What would you think of the girl if she agreed to come spend a weekend with you staying at your house the first time you meet (its a three hour drive one way)? and she would be spending the night in your bed with you she said no sex thou just sleep and cuddling is allowed.

Would you loose respect and think she's easy even if she has said she doesn't sleep around because she doesn't see the point or would you still consider her to be someone continue dating and trying to make things work

so what would you think of this person? it would be six hours of driving if they didn't stay there over night..


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  • I don't think I could get to know someone good enough in a few weeks to do that. But if I was at that point, I agree it is out of the question to drive there and back in one day. Spending the weekend would be nicer. But look at it this way. Most people spend some time talking before they actually go out, like you have been. When two people go out for the first time it mostly just for a few hours for diner/drinks or something, then the night is over. Imagine going on a date with someone for the first time, FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! I think that would be too much to handle all at once for the first time meeting. Not every date goes well, and many times a few hours is too long and you can't wait to go home! So in your case, this is a gamble. Personally I would just stick with the talking for now and get to know him a bit better.


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  • I think that would be fine and I would respect that.
    If I really found her attractive and liked her a lot I think the sleeping arrangements would be tempting or we would have to change them. But driving both ways is not sensible and I would be happy that she was prepared to travel to see me.
    I would respect her and would not think anything bad about the arrangement.

  • I would think she is being rude and tell her she can sleep on the couch.

    • The guy offered to have to sleep in the bed when they asked you to come for the weekend..

    • My bad, then I wouldn't think much of it.

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