Girls-Friend TAG-Guys: Why do girls think we want to be their friend when we have been quite obvious of our romantic intentions?

Ok so I am in 32 and there's this girl I work with that is 21 and who has a BF. I am attracted to her and had romantic intentions with her.

I got her number from her because she smokes weed and I told her I lost my supplier. Anyway.. I never texted or called her about that. I wanted her # because she is quite attractive and really shy and nice. So we started texting personal stuff and after about two weeks of bs-ing and me telling her that she's hot, has a nice ass, asking her for a picture... yada yada.. She tells me that she has broken up with her BF.

So naturally I'm thinking SWEEEEET! (finally!)

So the next day I was texting her but she wasn't responding all day and finally I asked her if is she was fighting with him and if so why? Why do you care when you guys are split? She then feeds me some crap saying that he broke up with her. So then I said, but aren't you interested in me? And she starts going on this "I thought we were friends crap.." And then tells me she isn't interested in me in that way. So I feel like I wasted time with this lady and that she lead me on.

Really? I'm single, I'm good looking, I'm 32, and I'm a guy. What makes you think I want to be your friend? Besides, you have a BF but you are communicating with me. That tells me that you are OBVIOUSLY BORED with your LAME ASS BOYFRIEND. Right guys?

Come on ladies, get real. If a guy comments your body, asks you for a pic, and gives you a flower.. HE CLEARLY HAS ROMANTIC INTENTIONS!! What are you thoughts?


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  • well, she is 21... what do you expect? far too young for you. Many girls at that age (including me back then) still believe naively in this friend thing between men and women. If she had issues with her bf, most probably she enjoyed the attention you gave her.
    but according to your story, she must be a rather slow thinker... too much weed perhaps?

    • Haha you're exactly right! She is a dumb naive WEED Smoking sloth brain. After realizing what an idiot she truly is that's when I decided that I just wanted her sex. Thanks for having my back and seeing the truth in my statement.

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  • she didn't lead you on, you just got disappointed that things didn't go the way you wanted.

    I think I may have a different opinion of being led on, I think that denotes dishonesty and lying which I don't see that she did here. yeah you are attracted to her, but that was your choice to try to pursue her and communicate with her. don't portray yourself as a friend and act cool with her only to get upset when she didn't get with you. you knew she had a boyfriend but you still decided to show interest in her anyway.

    • What am I supposed to think? She has a BF of five years. It's the only guy she's ever been with. And yet she is "secretly" texting me? He caught her texting me. And when that happened she told me not to text her but wait for her to text me. You see.. as a guy that tells me if she is willing to sneak around and communicate to me in secret then that must mean she is willing to lose her bf.

      And then she tells me that he was being lame on their beach vacation and didn't even see the beach and wasn't any fun. So she told him she wants some space. Too which he dumped her for saying. And now she is all surprised that her bf dumped her when she was also sneaking around talking to me. What a dumb biotch.

      And sorry but you're even more dumb if you still take her side. She is attracted to me, she's just lying about it because she's scared for whatever reason. Time will tell...

    • it appears that she's had every opportunity to have you if she wanted. it looks as though you're firmly planted in the friend zone. girls text their FRIENDS all the time. that doesn't mean she wants you back. she just kept you a secret bc most bfs don't want their gfs texting any other guy period. it sure doesn't seem like she was interested when she flat out told you that you were just a friend and she didn't see you in that way

      let us know if she ever lets you fuck (probably won't happen) lol.. delusional

    • Wow 2 whole weeks of talking! She really played you didn't she? If you get this riled up when someone disagrees with you on the internet and when a girl rejects you IRL, I can def see how she made the right decision by not messing with you.

  • Honestly even if he's lame she probably still has ties to him. Maybe they've been together for a really long time. To you he might be lame but maybe to her he isn't.

    I'm sure she realizes you have romantic intentions but that doesn't mean she has to give you a chance. You're the one who went after her, a girl with a boyfriend.

    I was in this situation before. A guy who had a girlfriend came after me. He was obviously miserable in his relationship but never had the balls to end it. But the difference here is that he was persistently after me, whereas you are after her. Forget her. She has some weird attachment to him, do you really want to be in the middle of it? I told the guy who was chasing me to F off and I haven't spoken to him in a while. I refuse to speak to him. Why would you want someone who is so willing to leave someone else for you?

    • I love how you deduced that I am "after her". We've talked and had some light flirty moments. And there were many times she texted me and not the other way around. Sorry but you don't know what you're talking about.

      And as for you last question, the answer is because it has been a while for me. And who wouldn't want an ez younger piece 'o ass? I'm not looking for anything long lasting. Just want to have fun with a girl that has never been single and out of a relationship since puberty. She deserves to have some fun. And I can give her just that. But yea, I guess she is still attached to her douchey 5 year long bf. But don't bitch to me about him being a lame ass and definitely don't feed me some bs acting like you're not attracted to me. She's just being a snobby bitch, period.

  • Yeah your right.. Pretty simple

  • Friendship is better then not having her in your lkfe at all

    • No it isn't.. I have a mother, grandmother, aunts, nieces.. how many non romantic women do I need in my life?

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  • Dude seriously... you couldn't had fuked this up anymore!! First, never ever ever tell a girl you are into her or want to date her, ever! You lost the upper hand the moment you said that. Second, 2 weeks is wayyy too much of texting, it should be 2-3 days max and then meet up. Your game is way off, no offense, but stop smoking that shit, it's ducking with your head.

    • Yea I know man.. I am out of practice. I am clueless when it comes to females. Which is why I just stay to myself because I just don't get them. You see, I am ez. You show me some attention and that's all I need. I was foolish to think they are the same. But as far as moving things quicker along, it's just bad timing honestly. I have so much crap going on right now. Thanks for your comment. Any more advice? And why not tell them your intentions? Wouldn't that really confuse shit?

  • You fucked it all up, dude. YOU approached her as a friend, not as someone who wanted to date her. You contacted her with mis-intentions, and expected her to read your mind that you wanted her.

    Next time, you ask a girl out, don't friendzone yourself.

    • yea I guess so.. but that's just my approach man. I like to befriend them first. I am always looking for a long term companion and not just fun times. but after a while I realized that we weren't very compatible and that's when I just wanted to "F" her n b done with it. but yea I agree that I made a mess out of this. Shiddy part is that I basically told her to|=uck off, but we work together.. not going to be fun!! Any more advice dude?

    • Yeah, one... don't be such an asshole if you're rejected. There's no need to tell her to fuck off when you were the one who fucked up the whole relationship. You should apologize.

      Second, don't be friends with girls you want to date. Be nice to them, but never hang out with them unless it's a date. Your approach is wrong.

  • Ha. O. P mad because he got styled by a guy and his oldass can't get that chick.


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