Why would you date someone you don't like?

so I was reading this blog


and I've read other similar ones. Maybe they're using the word "relationship" out of context but why would a guy be dating you if he doesn't like you? Like say you guys only have sex like once a week so its not sex. I mean should I assume my boyfriend and I generally make last minute plans and I haven't met one of his two best friends that he doesn't like me? fyi he and I have been dating 2 months so I just thought maybe he needed more time before bringing me around to certain important people. he told me he told his friend I haven't met that he has a girlfriend. I've casually met his mom and sis but I don't know if they know we're dating


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  • sometimes having sex once a week is better than not having sex at all lol

    but really I don't know why would someone do that (except for the reason I mentioned : P)

    it's weird to be dating someone you don't like

    oh and unless she was really rich too

    • So based off what I said you think he may just be dating me for sex?

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    • Oh so not meeting his parents isn't a big deal? my last relationship was 3 yrs. so I'm stuck on how things were then..haha. I guess I don't know what's "normal"

    • Lol you'll be fine

      just talk things out with the guy

      don't keep yourself woundering ..

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  • Confidence and or ego booster.

  • A older friend of mine's daughter, who is 18, dated a guy she really didn't feel anything for because she didn't want to hurt his feelings, so yes.


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  • Sometimes guys will date girls to make other girls jealous, or to prove that they CAN date. But 2 months seems real. Only a real relationship would go on that long. I think that maybe he just wants you to himself, maybe he's worried about introducing you to his family? You should give him some time or confront him about it if it's really bothering you, otherwise, just trust him. He'll have to come through eventually.

    • Yeah he said he would eventually introduce me to his other best friend. he only see him like once every month or couple months. I think maybe he does just need a tad more time before introducing me to the rest of his family

    • Well then just trust him and support his disission I guess. If you rush him it will only turn out badly.

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