Why do I feel lazy or want to give up but dont?

Have you ever been into someone. .. I mean actually started to have feelings for someone you never thought you would? Well I am experiencing it and he can also feel it but why am I in shock. I'm in shock that I could even feel that way about a person. Now I'm just enjoying the moment. We both agree that we don't want to lose eachother. All of a sudden I'm nervous. .. like I want to drop everything but I dont. I can't explain it. Have you felt that way? I'm trying to have faith.


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  • Yes. I've been a cynic for a long time and I have a difficult time having deep feelings for someone, especially someone that makes me want to be with them more than want to be alone. Enjoy it and if you think he feels something as well, go for it, could be something amazing. Best of luck!


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