Girls, should I tell her i'm also talking to someone else?

I'm on a dating site and started talking to a girl off there and we really hit it off. We've been talking for 2 weeks now and she said she's interested in dating. we haven't met yet by the way

but recently i started talking to another girl off the site who i actually click more with

should i tell the first girl that im talking to more then 1 girl? i feel a bit guilty/weird flirting with 2 girls. how would you feel if the guy you like told you he likes you and is also talking to another girl?

my opinion is that it could be seen as being trust worthy and honest that she knows whats up in my life, but im not sure. thoughts?

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By the way, my intention of telling that im talking to another girl, is NOT "i like her more then you", its simply "im talking to someone else"
I'm not a player by the way, i'm just a single guy talking to a girl, and happened to find another girl too


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  • Sure. It's never cool to play with a person's feelings. Make sure that's what you want and don't go back to the first chick if things don't work out with the second chick.

    There's a saying, "you lose 'em how you get 'em." Don't be shocked if the second one does the same thing because she found someone else who she's more interested in than you. Just saying.

    You can't help who you click with more than another person, I get that but considering the possible outcomes doesn't hurt.

    • so i should tell her, or shouldnt?

    • yea you should

    • i dont view it as playing with someones feeling. i just happened to meet another girl too. im not a player lol. check my updates :p

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  • Unless she asks you directly, there's no need to volunteer that information. It'll only cause hurt feelings. If you've made no commitment to anyone, I'm sure she assumes she's not the only girl. Just don't be that guy who dates two girls for any extensive amount of time, or sleeps with both at the same time.

  • It's kinda expected in the beginnning ( especially on dating sites) to be talking to more than one female/male. But I think that after a certain point, especially after meeting them and getting to know them more, then you have to break it off with one of them. Since it has only been two weeks you are doing nothing wrong

    • I agree morally what i did is nothin wrong, but should i also tell her im talking to another girl too and keeping my options open? or would that be seen as offensive?

    • It would seem offensive because she most likely is talking to other guys as well, and she will feel gulity as to not telling you the same prior to you telling her

  • Wow lol so there are guys out there that actually give this thought. Yes. Please do. So many of us wonder if the guy we are seein is seein other women.

  • If it were me I would want to know You should tell her just so she doesn't get the wrong idea on what is going on. 💓

  • yes you should be open about it. This helps both of you to be in the same page


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  • What don't know, doesn't hurt. First you must get decided on which one you want to date. Maybe the second girl may happed to refuse dating you, but don't say anithing and see at the end how things go.