Vacation next weekend and don't know if he's interested anymore?

I've been talking to a guy for about 2 months and he was introducing me as his gf Before we even discussed it. Things were great and we finally established we were taking things slow and he said he wasn't ready for a gf which is great for me Bc I liked how things were but don't want the pressure. That weekend he decided to break our plans to go on a fishing trip so I made other plans. Then he asked me to ditch mine to hang out with him and I said I couldn't then he called the next day and said he was coming back so we hung out and it was fine. He was asking who I was with and I told him it was my guy friends but he had nothing to worry about. The next two weeks we barely talked and he hung out with a girl he used to talk to (this girl is just as big of a game player as he is). I don't know how much I even really like him Bc of the games and he's kinda dumb. Problem is this upcoming weekend we're going to vegas with his friends. He text me earlier asking about my weekend but minimal back and forth. Im not going to show that it's bothering me but I want to have a good time with him and don't know if he's interested anymore. Shed some light?

Well now he just text me he's ready to see me ;).. So many games.


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  • What on earth do you like about him? You just called him dumb and a video game maniac. It sounds to me like he's still interested; you're just not as important to him anymore. Also, allow me to warn you about going on a trip with HIS friends; those kinds of trips never lead to a happy couple.


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  • text him and also Facebook him and tell him about the vacay... remind him and if he shows no interest well then move on to other guys

    • Well we're definitely going and he just sent me a selfie lol I'm thinkin he didn't like how he felt when I wouldn't ditch my guy friends so he wanted to slow things down real quick so he didn't feel vulnerablez