Have been acting? Or out of line? Should I be worried?

So I have been casually seeing this guy for a few weeks. We are "Seeing each other".

On Thursday he had to work late so we didn't go out as planned on Friday he cancelled again because he was asked to attend this conference. At work that day I had heard a rumor about him at work, seeing another girl. So I said look, I know this may not be true, and if you are, its okay. But you told me that you weren't so I just want to know because it affects what I feel I can do. Anyways, he insisted it was all about me!

Tonight we were supposed to hang out again, but he ended up having to stay late at the conference. Today at like 9am he told me we were still on! But then at noon I had a classmate (I am a grad student), ask if we could get together to work on something. This wasn't urgent so I explained I had plans with a friend, and wanted to try to honor that but if in a few hours the plans fell through sure. So I texted him a few times, just wanted to know if he knew of an approx time. ... No response

At 4:30 he texted me to say "Omg, my phone died sorry and then texted me for about 15 minutes promising to call me when he had returned.

I told him that it worked out, I got some work done, but I was looking forward to talking with him... then three hours latter when I thought he'd be back, I texted him again, to say hope you are not too exhausted I know you have had a long few days ;) (to which he replied, omg, still not back, I'll call you - about 45 minutes away

Is he mad at me? Do I have something to be sorry for?


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  • Sorry for what

    • That he's like omg, still not back... blah blah blah in response to me saying I hope you are not too tired... I guess its the use of omg in a text message is that something to worry about?

    • Ohh ok I get you. I was wondering, because I could see nothing wrong in anything you did.
      Omg could just be like exasperation. Sometimes when I'm somewhere I don't want to be I text "omg still here" or when I'm tired and been busy all day I text those exact words "omg still not back yet"
      This is why I hate texts lol, you can't hear the tone of voice so you never know how somebody is trying to say something. Like I could jokingly say to a friend "I hate you" but if I text it, it could be a lot different.

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