Is there a more classy way I can vent my frustration out? I am tempted to do something bad? :/?

Ok so I dated a guy who was essentially trying to get in my pants the entire time.

Told me exactly what I wanted to hear and guilt tripped me into physical stuff like kissing and touching.

Extemely manipulative guy who knew exactly how to read me. Used my inexperience to make me think I should be ok with the physical stuff he wanted to do.

I wasn't dumb enough to have sex with him. But the way he treated me was awful.

Didn't care but said all the things that made me think he did.

Even behaved like an ass when I broke it off. Tried to guilt trip me and come off as some Amazing guy.

I have been quite mature so far. I didn't swear at him or blow up. Just told him calmly I wanted to break it off and why i felt he was not a genuine guy I wanted to keep in touch with.

I despise the way he tried to manipulate me and take advantage. I hate him for it. I hate the way he used me and just saw me as a potential sex prospect.

I am very tempted to make an account on a hookup app he goes on and mess with him. Just make him think he can get laid and stand him up or something.

It would be very immature for me to do this, right? I'm just so disgusted because he thinks he is this great guy who respects women. I don't want him treating anyone else like how he treated me.

Opinions? I know it isn't mature or good but I really want to teach him a lesson.

Is there a more classy way for me to get my frustration out here?


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  • That guys disgusting and I'm really sorry for you. How dare he. I'm not sure if you mean like ways to get rid of your bad energy like sports or something or like ways to stop you from setting fire to his car. I just think you should cut yourself off from this guy and fuck his dumb guilt tripping shit, he's just tried to use you for sex! Anyways, I find simple breathing and meditation exercises etc can really help forget about stuff and remove all of your bad anger etc. But if you are looking for something more physical I suggest sports and martial arts such as karate or jujhistsu so that you can take you anger out on an opponent LEGALLY, instead of burning or smashing something of his ILLEGALLY. Trust me it helps. But really just stay away from this jerk and ignore what he says and try to removes your anger in LEGAL ways :)


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  • Nah... don't sink to his level. Just move on and continue being the strong and mature woman u seem to be.

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