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ok im in a relationship thats doing pree good. But the thing is this relation just sorta happened. Even though I like the girl I'm with there is another girl that I have deep feelings for. the girl I have these deep feelings for me and her have had a on and off thing were we would get very close but I for some reason never asked her out I don't know why. When my current girlfriend ask me out I thought it was time to start a new relationship. We've been going out for awhile no (5 months) But the thing is I'm still in love with the other girl. it kills me to think that I never asked her out and now we went from very close to nothing at all because I'm dating someone else :( Im thinking of breaking up this relationship and pursuing the girl i love. But I don't know if i can cause over this 5 months we've had a lot together and I know it'll hurt this girl so much. But i think i have to because I love the other girl. Can anyone give me some good advice on how to do this I really wish this was easy.


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  • You need to do what you feel is right. If you like another girl than this one that you're with, is not the one for you. I think you should go for this other girl. But I think you should do what you feel, would make YOU the happiest. It's good that you care for this girl, but this is your life. And you should do what makes you happy


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  • If you are not totally into your current gf, you should break it off. It will save you both pain and drama

  • If you really aren't that interested in your girlfriend, you need to let her go. It will hurt her, but staying with her while you love another girl will only make the situation worse when your relationship with your girlfriend falls apart... because a relationship cannot last like that.


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