Are guys okay if your gf/fiance/wife dresses up?

Are guys okay if your gf/fiance/wife dresses up to the extent where she is wearing her skirt comes to only half her thigh, her top shows 1/4 of her boobs can be seen?

I personally does not dress up that nor do I cover up my whole body, just the right way of enough showing and covering.

But never had guys get attracted to me, I am definitely not ugly that's for sure, cause my mom would tell me if i did look ugly, she can be brutal with her words sometimes. I had seen my girlfriends who dress up that way and they always get guys not just the ones who wants only for sex, but the decent guys as well.

Anyways, are guys really cool with your woman showing of her body to that extent or do you tell her not to do so?


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  • I would be happy with her dressing like that if I am with her at that time. Look at my girl. She loves the way she looks, she's not afraid to show it, and she loves being with me like that.
    But I might think it's a little too much if she goes alone because she might get dirty looks and acts on her which can be uncomfortable and dangerous. She might get abused. And if she is my love then I care about how she gets treated and making sure that she is safe when going out alone.


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  • Personally i like my girl to dress up in that way but, only when we are alone...
    If it's a party time and other guys are noticing her then it's NOT really cool...

    And Guys are of three types:
    1. Bad guys (Really Bad guys)
    2. Decent guys (Really Decent guys)
    3. Decent guy (Who pretend to be a nice guy)


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  • I like dressing up sexy or nice for my boyfriend. I want him to be happy with having a sexy woman by his side.
    I don't think guys would want their girl dressing like an outdated nun.

  • showing your assets can be sexy to some extent

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