Why would a guy ask why I wanna persist being in contact with him when he already knows the answer?

I used to be involved with this guy and I'm having trouble letting him go. Ever since we split up he had been hearing from me from time to time and we did text each other on a couple of different occasions and communicated for hours and we even hooked up again once. Among those conversations we had he has asked this question multiple times just worded differently each time. What do you think the purpose of asking a question he already knows the answer to so many times?


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  • He's politely telling you that you ought to stop contacting him. He doesn't want to hurt your feelings by being direct about it.

  • Why assume he knows the answer?
    Girls do this too, they ask questions which guys are CONVINCED they know they answer to, they just want to hear it for the ego boost. Girls deny this often.

    Why can't he just be genuinely ignorant?

    • I don't assume. I know he knows the answer to the question thats why I'm trying to figure out why he keeps asking over and over.

    • how do you *know* ?

    • Sounds like a stupid reason to ask over and over but yeah I agree its possible.

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