Why does he do this so much?

We were talk for about 5 mins. then he suddenly leaves (goes offline too) and answers ten mins later (comes back online and stays online) then hasn't replied since then and that was at over half an hour ago! He's still online too! We started dating about three weeks ago and he does this kind of often... But the thing is HE starts the conversations.

  • Your're not interesting enough.
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  • He's busy or something. (please tell me?)
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  • he's just busy, or its a habit, I don't know it might just be what he does. could possibly be playing games. many reasons lol.

    • It's really annoying !!! What kind of reasons? XD

    • well reasons like I mentioned already, you know its just what he does or he's intentionally doing them for a purpose that I don't know of hahaa.

    • I hope he's just busy! Hahahah

  • I would move on, don't waste your time with him. He is either busy, or playing games with you. either way I wouldn;t risk it. I find someone else.

    • Do you think I should ask him about it?

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    • You are a little joker. lol.

  • You're overthinking

    • Thanks. You're probably right but he keeps doing it :/

What Girls Said 1

  • My ex used to do this to me.
    He was doing it because he wanted to talk to other people. He would say his computer signed in and he wasn't at his computer. And because I was over thinking things, if I voiced them, he just told me off for being jealous or whatever. So he just ignored me. Turned out he was cheating on me.

    Don't put up with it, it's not fair on you and it's just going to bring a world of pain. Please, just tell him "you're not giving me the respect I deserve, bye" (maybe re-phrase it) :)

    Good luck.

    • she is right. Don't put up it with.

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    • Give him a chance. But if it gets to the point you shut indoors tieing yourself in knots of potential situations, please think of yourself first. I know it's hard, and I didn't, but keep yourself safe.

    • Yeah, definitely true. I will try! Thank you for the answer it helped a lot. :)