Should I tell this girl I know that I'm going to be in city she goes to college in next week?

we've currently been talking and hanging out at this bar we both go to in our hometown. but she goes to college in another city for dental program and I'm going to be in that city for various reasons in 2 weeks just as college is having first weekend back so sure its going to be a happening place , its a fairly small city only 50,000 and college not that big so I'd be worried I'd like run into her downtown and have to explain why I was there if I don't like say something in advance.
any thoughs should I tell her I'm going there? will she just think I was going there cause of her and not really believe I had other reasons to be there as I don't really know anyone else at that college obvivously as I'm older now


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  • Tell her. I don't think she'll think you're lying and only going because of her.
    Just tell her you're going to be there on whatever date, and that's it.


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