Have you dated somone that you were Alittle intimidated by?

So the last two boyfriends I've had, they've been tall and on the chubby side. My current boyfriend is the opposite, he's shorter one inch taller than me to be exact. He's fit, he has abs and muscular arms, while I have belly fat and stretch marks. When ever we have sex I always keep my shirt on or the lights have to be dimmed. I did lose my virginty to him so exposing my body is something new for me.


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  • Haha yes.

    Though I did not have sex (still a virgin over here), I was pretty intimidated by my ex. He was this fit lean guy and I was a chubby girl. Plus he was number one in his class and I am number 478 out of 864. I don't know what he saw in me :P

    But we made it work so don't get too intimidated by your boyfriend.

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