Is he to needy or am I overreacting?

Met a guy a week ago, super nice but he keeps sending me messages. The day after we met it was cute and we messaged all day but now it's annoying me. He wants to talk every day, all day if I reply. We haven't even gone on a date yet.

Is this normal this early? Or normal at all?
I'm not used to guys being this ON all the time, i need my space.

Is it a sign he's the needy type?
What should I do?


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  • He's being a bit overbearing... but it comes from a good place. He's excited to talk to you!

    Just let him know he doesn't have to send so many messages in a single day. :-P


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  • If he's like that after one week yes it is too much. You should tell him about what you consider too much/appropriate and your need for space- set the boundaries.


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  • Do you guys talk to each other in person? It may be annoying you because he texts you a lot as if he's confident and all but he doesn't have the courage to come talk to you in person?
    You don't need to go on a date to text each other... And maybe he's just trying to keep you interested since most girls always complain about unreplied texts and always starting the conversations.

    • we only met once then i left the country and won't be back for another 2 weeks. I told him i'm busy trying to spend time with the people i'm with now since i don't get to come here that often. And it still seems like he wants to text all day long every day

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