Is it a turn off if a man you have says he doesn't have money to go on dates?

You like each other. He apologizes for not being able to pay dates for a few days and suggests I do till he 'pays later'.

Guys, would you do this if you like a girl but don't have money and you have to see her now because she is traveling?


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  • If I didn't have enough money, I wouldn't even bother dating. Most guys don't go looking for a woman, until we are financially secure enough to handle one.


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  • Not a problem if you are in school, or 14 years old. At our age that would be a serious red flag!

    • Thanks guys. I just didn't want to be too difficult or picky. I was thinking later about it. A good guy would even ignore a woman if he can't afford paying.

      I don't see it as a problem with a guy whom is a boyfriend for long.

  • No.
    That's the equivalent of a man chopping off his balls.


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