If he doesn't show some of the "signs", does that mean he isn't interested?

We're in high school, so obviously we're a little immature. This guy is friends with me. He knows I liked him at one point. But well he smiles when I talk to him. He texts me a lot & really quickly. He asks me to hang out. He looks me in the eye most of the time, but sometimes he'll look away when I look away. He compliments me. He wants me to hang out w/ his family. His legs points towards me. When we make eye contact, I smile, and then he smiles, but i don't know if that's just bc smiling is addictive. He does NOT touch me in any way besides for friendly gestures. He does NOT mirror my actions. So what does that mean?


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  • It sounds like he likes you. He may not touch you or anything because he is too shy/unsure, which is why he relies more on looking at you, complimenting you, etc. Try asking him out. You hang out a lot as it is, ask if he has any interest in one of your hang outs being considered a date. If you feel too uncomfortable being that upfront, try being a bit more affectionate towards him by giving him hugs or maybe even going to hold his hand. You'll get a better understanding of how he feels by doing so.

    • But I told him I liked him straight up a couple of years ago.

    • By a couple I mean one lol.

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  • No if i see a girl i like i just look at her once from eye to lip. And go finish doing what im doing

    • But what if she's your friend?

    • If a girl is my friend 8-10 i have no interest in her

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