Does rejection always have to be a "bad" experience or does rudeness and lack of empathy make the experience feel bad?

*I feel like a lot of issues with rejections wouldn't be as bad if both of the people involved showed empathy and consideration, as most people have experienced both sides of the situation.
*The rejected individual in a lot of situations could show more consideration to the rejecter's decision and back off politely with class.
*The rejecter could also be more empathetic in that even though this person isn't the right one for them they still might feel hurt.


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  • Whether it's a good or bad experience, being rejected will always hurt. Even if it's telling someone you want to remain just friends that isn't mean, but it still stings


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  • No rejection doesbt have to be a bad case to me it when the other person act mean or rude by ignoring the person or acting like there better and the person feelings didn't matter at all. It just how the two handlenthe situation. Also the one that gets rejected may take it to heart and take what that one person saying how they dont like them or how ever they were rejected way to heart and letting it effect hem so much.

  • I think it always hurts. I've only been rejected once... He was kinda cool about it, but it still hurt as hell.

    • Its good the guy wasn't a jerk, there is someone else out there for you though.

    • Thing is, I still love him. Even a year after he said no.

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