My bf hardly sees me and im not happy not more what too do?

So me and my bf been together a year yet i been told by others i look sad and depressed next too him yet when im around a guy coworker who i met like three weeks ago i look super happy... I don't get it why is it a guy I just know makes me smile and happy but my own bf makes me so miserable... I love my bf but all he does is complain about money yet has time to go out with friends.. This guy listens too me talks too me sadly he talks too me then my bf does... I well never cheat on bf and all the coworkers.. want too hook us up lol... My bf mostly talks too complain hours over Facebook chat... other then that we hardly talks... this guy my coworker we work side by side all day.. im confused... :( i love bf but he just screams at me and belittles me...


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  • People don't know what's actually going on in your relationship so don't take things so seriously. But besides that, if you really loved your BF you shouldn't be describing him as a complaining and a mean person. Your feelings are swaying for another man... I can tell because you wouldn't be LOLing when you said hooking up, showing me that you like it. If you have room to love another man, maybe it's time to move on from your BF to that coworker. Besides, you said you guys barely talk and when you do, it's mostly spent complaining through Facebook chat.

  • I experienced this too. I was seen once a week, at a time that suited him and he pressured me to get out as soon as possible the next day. Never took me out on dates, and treated me as thought I was disposable. Despite the fact his friends sand family told him I was way out of his league. These kind of men just get worse. I know it sounds awful, but the fact that you let him treat you like that gives him the message that he can do what he wants and you will still hang around. Some men like the power that it gives them (usually insecure guys that were bullied once, and they kind of seek revenge in situations like that). I dumped him, he begged me back, the did the same crap again. Dump him, block his number ignore all his messages. he will chase you. Won't be easy, but trust me, when you look back on it years in the future, u will see it as the best decision you made (like I do). And you will feel empowered. I'm still single, but prefer to be single that treat as though I'm disposable.