Tips for a Guy with thinning hair Is their anything you can do to grow it back quicker?

Better ways to style your hair? Anything positive is welcomed. I don't care if its expensive either single and loaded so that's not an issue at all.


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  • My hair is thinning too, I keep it a few inches long in order to hide the thin spots. Just be gentle when washing your hair, and I guess there are some nutrient supplements you can take like biotin, to preserve it as much as possible. It doesn't really bother me much, I figure I have a few more years until I have to shave it all off but for now I am satisfied with it.

    • Same here it started around my forehead area "receding hairline". I tried taking a Vitamin B supplement but it made me eat 24/7 so I had to stop taking it. It really bothers me personally I found it as one of my favorite traits about myself so the confidence has suffered somewhat. I figure I have a couple years as well.

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