Girls, is it bad that I changed our date plans?

Ok well I was trying to setup a second date with a girl and I decided I could take her to the zoo. She agreed with it, but we hadn't actually set a date for it yet since she was busy all week. A few days later some people told me I was crazy to take a girl to the zoo because it's 100 degrees outside, which is true. lol. So I decided that the zoo might not be a good idea and texted her about my concerns and told her lets go bowling instead. The odd thing is she never responded to my text, but continued to text me like I never sent that message. Girls would you be mad if a guy did this? It's not like we had an actual date planned yet so I don't think it's that big of a deal. Why do you think she ignored that text?


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  • If she didn't respond at all to that text, maybe she just missed it. It seems odd that she hasn't addressed it but is acting normally... ask her if she got your text about the plan changes, and if she's alright with it. It really doesn't sound like a big deal, I doubt she's just ignoring it (unless she really wants to go to the zoo I guess, lol).

  • No I wouldn't be mad... In fact, if it was 100 degrees I'd probably thank you because that's just too damn hot! She may have missed it or it didn't send. That has happened to me before. Mention it again but say something like, "I hope I didn't upset you about wanting to change our plans to go to the zoo. I just wasn't sure if you wanted to be out in the heat!"

    • I sent her a message saying basically that. Haven't heard from her since... whatever. I don't understand how you could have a good date and text back and forth a bunch of times after the date and then not want to do a second one.

    • aw I'm sorry... that stinks. Could be a misunderstanding or she's afraid of how you'll react if she changed her mind.

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