What do you think? Am I just overthinking it?

I ride a bus to school in the morning and i noticed a crush of mine from 6th grade. He didn't see me or notice me, but i didn't get too upset since it's been 6 years since we last saw each other; he also asked me out on the last day of 6th grade year, but i thought he was joking since one of his friends asked for him so i rejected him...
I didn't ride the morning bus for a couple of days, but i rode it to school again and when i was trying to find a seat, i noticed that he was looking at me as if he remembered who i was. The next week i rode the bus again and i sat down in my seat. I saw him get on and he made his way past me to find a seat, but as i was about to put my stuff down, he came back around and plopped down to sit next to me. I was suprised but didn't expect much.
Today, he got onto the bus before me and he kept looking at me, but i sat with another guy i knew. He looked away and i kept my head down the whole bus ride to school.
In conclusion:
First time: I noticed him
Second time: he noticed me
Third time: he sat next to me
Fourth time: i didn't sit with him
Is it just me or does he really show interest in me again? Did I mess up?


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  • It could be a range of things. He could still trying to decide if it's really you or not - people can change A LOT in six years so he could be unsure if it's you or not. He could also be reluctant to speak to you again because it's been 6 years and the last time you guys talked was you rejecting him. He could also just be waiting for you to break the ice and talk to him. Regardless of which one it is, or whatever other reason it could be, I doubt he's gotten interested again just from a few looks on the bus.

    • Yes that's true, thanks

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