Friendship or relationship?

essentially I'd just like to know a few ways to tell how one would be able to tell if a female friend wants to be more than friends without coming right out and asking and/or messing up the friendship in going about this whole process... I mean we are very close as friends would it be better if I just left things as they are


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  • If you are starting to develop feelings towards her, then there is NO WAY you can 'downgrade' those feelings to friendship again. So, in that case, just tell her directly that you want to be more than friends. If she feels the same way, well and good. If not, you can decide what to do (that is, whether to stay friends or cut all contact with her). Once you develop feelings for someone, there is no question of 'messing the friendship' because that friendship doesn't exist anymore (because it has turned into something else).

    • I don't know if that's necessarily true because I have had these feelings for a few years now and we have been close friends the entire time. I guess what it is, is I would much rather keep things as is then do something stupid and lose her possibly forever. Which is essentially why I posted in the first place is there anyway for me to tell she wants more than a friendship

    • You can't really tell for sure, unless she gives some strong signs that she wants more than friendship. Even if she does, you can't be sure because most girls don't know where to draw the line between 'friendship' and 'more than that' regarding their behavior. It may seem to you like she may like you, but she may just brush it off by saying that she was just being nice and friendly.

      Anyway, since you have been friends for so long, its likely that she has put you in the friendzone. So unless you tell her about it now, there's no use. If you'd rather let things be as they are and wish to suffer a lifetime of emotional pain (which multiplies when she eventually finds a partner), then that's up to you.

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  • Watch to see if she mirrors your actions, is she very touchy feely, more so than previously? These are signs she might like you that way, however without asking, you'll never know 100%.


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