Why doesn't the girl I like text me first anymore or takes long to text back?

A few months back I met this girl, her name is Megan and we started hanging out every day and at school. I'd hang out with her every day, and if we weren't hanging out we were texting eachother everyday from two o' clock in the afternoon untill about 20:30 and then one night she seemed all jolly and stuff and I decided I would pour my true feelings out toward her and I wanted to be more than friends! But she pretended that she was not freaked out and so the next day I hung out with her again and it was like akwardness hung in the air like a bad smell and the afternoon after school I texted her again and when I asked her how her day was she told me it was "ok" and I knew something wasn't right. So I beat around the bush and say why my day wasn't so good either. And then I just came out with it and told her how I thought our conversation at school that day was awkward and that was what I tried to prevent and then she got a lot of things off her chest and said: "I don't want compliments, I don't want songs and I don't want poems. I know you mean well, but I just want to be friends and then I felt bad and apologized and so we cleared the air and now we agreed to be just friends and now she doesn't text me first anymore! Or waits a long time before she texts back. I still like her a lot, but what do I do now?


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  • Many girls who haven't had too much experience with rejecting guys aren't very good at it, to be honest. This girl probably doesn't know how to act friendly towards you without worrying if she's leading you on. This can complicate things, and she may be trying to distance herself to not give you the wrong impression. This is a problem that can probably be solved with time. Try hanging out with her in more of a group setting before the tensions between you two ease and she can feel more comfortable texting you and interacting with you without a group

    • Thank you! You helped me a lot! But we hung out in a group setting since we met and now I need help because I still like her a lot!

    • Well sadly there's nothing you can really do if she doesn't feel the same way. It's probably best to move on with your life and become involved in the things that matter to you - that way you're still having fun. And if you're being yourself then she may feel differently in the future, and if she does, then she's right there and if she doesn't then you're not letting this weigh you down and you might even meet someone else.

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