Does he like me or I'm I just thinking it over too much?

There's this guy who's my friend and for the past few days he constantly touches me or finds an excuse to. I sit behind him in a class of mine and like on Friday he would turn around and just stay looking at me and then he'd smile and do it again later on. Or sometimes I'm casually hanging out and when I look up, I see him already looking at me and then he just smiles. Also, today I went to my locker and he asked to go with me even though he didn't need to and I asked him why he went with me and he's like "I just didn't wanna leave you alone." And well yeah. Does he like me or?


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  • Yes he does and also he is trying to get your attention in class in also in front everybody that in the class and that cite frfr


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  • No he likes you!!!


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  • I think he's into you

    • It kind of seems like it

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    • I guess so. Although it'd be kind of sad because I'm not really into him.

    • Aww well that sucks for him