He breaks up with me, and two days later kisses me goodbye after a hangout. Is this normal?

It's a very long story.. Read my stories/articles for the whole thing, or you won't understand.. But please, if you have the time to help me out; please do so! I need it


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  • first of all what a sad story! I'm so sorry that happened. man I can totally relate. if that happened to me I'd just die if our song came on.

    well, here's what I think. lets go over the facts.

    he doesn't hate you

    he doesn't love you

    he doesn't not want to be with you...

    sounds like you have a potentially strong friend out of him. if you love him then keep that love, girl! but channel it into loyalty and understanding in a friendship setting.

    the fact that he told you he is losing feeling for you should make you wake up and realize that this guy doesn't want to break ur heart. he loves you but something is coming between. there may be something else going on...



    age gap? (no idea how old he is.)

    or he may just like you as a friend and want to find other girls...idk.

    but you should hang onto him. he kissed you good-bye. he loves you but in a complicated way. be open and honest with him in return. its the least you can do for making him confess such a hard thing to you.

    ask him why. and what you can do, NO not to make him love you again,

    but what you can do to help him feel secure with you and his feelings. and help him be happy.

    if you truly love him, babe, you gotta show it. tell him you will always be his friend and you want what's best for him this will either

    A) Make him realize his love for you is strong enough to over come anything (if there is anything needing to be overcome) and possibly change his mind

    B) Make him really appreciate and respect you as a close friend.

    my heart goes out to you, girl. goodluck. I'm sorry that happened.

    • Thank you so much(: It helps a lot having a guy's perspective.. I didn't think anyone would actually read that whole thing and answer honestly but I appreciate you taking your time on this. Thank you so much! I'll definitely try my hardest

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    • Yeah, and that's a really good thing.. Most men aren't patient. And I don't know if mine is, since he did wait two years for me.. But now it's over?

    • Neither of us will know until you try.

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