Good idea to ask this (shy) girl if she wants to spend a weekend with me, alone?

I have known this girl for over a year now and i have liked her for about half a year. The problem was that she had a bf until recently. She broke up with him a month ago.

We do lots of stuff together since we live near each other (studying), always with other friends though, never alone. I'm pretty sure that she knows I like her and she likes me as well.

One thing to add is that she is incredibly shy. She is VERY passive and introverted, also really nice. I'm more of an extrovert so I don't care initiating everything.

I was wondering, would it be a good idea if I asked her if she wanted to spend a weekend with me alone? Like I could visit her at her place.


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  • I think its a very good idea, but only if your going somewhere and doing it right...

    you can't invite yourself to stay at her house :P

    invite her to a weekend away, even get two hotel rooms to make her comfortable since she is very shy.

    that's something that will most always work out well, and be a lot of fun and draw you both closer, providing your mature... avoid drinking and go for sight seeing and history and food etc

  • Not a good idea. She is shy and only recently broke up with her boyfriend; a whole weekend alone with you would be way too full on.

    You could ask her out on a date though :)


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