I've got plenty of dating questions ~ Also share you stories with me! (Bored)

I've been out of high school for 2 years now, I /was/ in a relationship for quite a long time.

Things ended up not working out and now it's time to get back to dating.

I don't know how to do this? It's been a while since I've flirted or anything ahah!

I'm not as social as I was in high school as well...

I do get hit on by guys but I don't have a phone (yet, my ex cancelled my phone, we shared a plan) so I've already missed a lot of good chances!

I'm going through a lot at the moment, mostly family sort of stuff, getting things back together after leaving a relationship,
trying to better myself.

Should I give myself more time? Instead of jumping into dating again?

Do guys mind a girl initiating interest? Or do I just "wait"?

I'd love to hear opinions as well as your experiences with dating after looonnngggg, terrible breakups!


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  • Some guys do, I do. I don't like easy girls who come to my door. I like to hunt !!! ;) All you have to do is to hold eye contact and smile. The man will know what to do if he is interested too.

    • Ah I see xD
      The hunting game is pretty fun for both sides :P
      I tend to avoid eye contact with others though ffff. Don't know how I still get interest! .__.

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