Guys, if you don't talk to the girl you are seeing during the week does it mean you are not interested?

I have been seeing this guy for a couple of months and he is really bad with communication. when we met he's take ages to reply because he's a busy guy but he'd talk to me almost everyday and our dates where always fantastic. we'd always go somewhere nice and he was very affectionate. he still is very affectionate on our dates but he pretty much doesn't talk to me during the week. only to organize plans at the end of the week to see each other. should I take this as a sign he is not interested in me?


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  • He's slowly being eaten up by the system till a husk of a man remains looks like.
    Sounds like he's burning out from all the work he's doing.

    • So you think it's him and not me?

    • doesn't sound like it from what you've said.
      So nah , probably not you.

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  • I don't think one answer fits all people. I like regular comms, but also space. Some people would love attention, others find it clingy.

  • If a guy thinks you are hot or "like" you, No matter how much busy he is. He'd reply within secs and that's just the excuse I mostly use lol


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