Should I show interest in the girl or should I give up?

Ok I first met this girl in some of my university classes, we got talking and became friendly in class. There was one time where she lent her body across mine to use my computer. We were friendly for that semester. I asked her out to lunch she said I am really busy maybe next week, then next week came and she put it off again after that I decided if I asked anymore times I would just be annoying her so I didn't, by then it was too late anyway the semester ended and we went our own ways. I think I told her I liked her to and she said oh thanks but I have only just broken up with my boyfriend and am not ready. We then had a university semester where she was not in any of my classes (this was last semester). This semester she is in my class again I felt a bit upset with her because I felt she was doing things on purpose to avoid me (doing things this semester I thought) and gave her a few nasty looks and when she waved to me and said by I just looked away (that happened on Monday). I know that was a bit rude but I was hurt. Anyway today (Tuesday) I talked to her she was keen to talk to me and asked about how to organise her industry placement thing which is a university thing. I told her what I knew and we had a good talk. Then I moved and sat next to her. We sat together in class and it went pretty well.

What do you think should I try further to see if there is something there or leave it as just class friends. I know I am interested in her as more than friends. There is also a big age difference between us.

Please do not judge I am lost here

Thank you


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  • I think you should just stay friends for a while and see how it goes. It doesn't sound like she wants more than that.

    • Yeah I don't think she does want more than that. Story of my life really :/

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  • yeah, try again. girls love persistence. she didn't flat out tell you to get away from her.. so go for it! she might have changed her mind.


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  • I don't think she's into you. But if you're not sure, the only way to know is to ask her out. ONE time only. Don't be a dick about it if she rejects you, but you're not under obligation to be her friend who helps her with shit if she's not wanting to date.

    • Yeah story of my life though girls not being into me.

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    • Yeah but I can not wait to get out of college in someways. The girls are hot but a lot of their personalities are the opposite of hot I feel.

    • Write those words down, because when you are in your 30's, you'll read that and cringe.