Mixed, mixed messages from very shy crush?

I started school yesterday, and I saw my crush three times. We have known eachother for a few months (I have her number, we have hung out), but she did not accept every invitation to hang out.

First time I saw her, we both said hi together before class and simply talked about the class for about 15 seconds outside before her girlfriends arrived (she was seeing them for the first time). Next, I saw her walking in the hall. I said hi and smiled, and, she half smiled and half looked in the other direction.

Then, I saw her waiting in a large group. I didn't even see her at first, but she gave me a big smile and said hi. I was not expecting her, and I sorta walked away before even processing it all.

What do you think? Does she like me?

Also, I forgot to add, she is very, very shy. I don't think she initiates anything (with anyone, honestly).


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  • If she's turned you down some times to hang out, she's not that into you (unless she was busy - you neglected to say that in your question). I say you go for asking her out... not to "hang" but on a date. Then you'll know.

    • Yes, I did forget to add that, she was actually very busy. Once she was getting ready to go on vacation the next week, and the other time she was already away on vacation. I never got a direct no, I just got an "I'm busy" with a direct, and clear reason (maybe she didn't want to hang out - I don't know - but she was definitely not just blowing me off).

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    • Do you want to talk and stare at girls or do you want to have sex with girls? You get texting and all that shit because that's what SHE wants.

    • True, but I don't want to just have sex with her. That is way too shallow for me. I want a good relationship grounded in a healthy friendship - honestly I'm probably waiting until marriage for sex. I agree that this is the attitude you need to get a girl for sex, it is the only thing that will work. But, in this case, I don't think I can interpret her in that light.

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