Crush on a girl who just left my company?

so i got a new job at this office 3 weeks ago, and on the second day, I was blown away the very first moment my eyes made contact with this girl co-worker, we stared into each others eyes for like 3-4 seconds, and I really felt there was a strong chemistry, and over the next 2 weeks i tried to build the connection as fast as i can, but because she is just a part time and only came in like 2,3days a week, my opportunity was limited, but i did all i could and i think she quite like me, and i was falling head over heels for her. not just her face but also her personality.

anyway, i knew she would be leaving the job very soon to go back to school, but i thought i had at least til the end of this month to make my moves, but then last Tuesday turns out to be her last day at the job when i wasn't even in the office, and i actually planned to make my moves last Friday and Saturday when i thought she would be coming in, but obviously she didn't.

so basically we separated without even saying goodbye, let alone having the opportunity to get a date.

and the last few days has been a torture for me, i wanna text her and see her again more than i want oxygen but i duno how to make contact with her without seeming awkward coz we are practically strangers, we worked together for literally less than 10 days in total, and if i text her i duno if i should be bold and direct and ask for a date or pretend to talk about something else.

i really don't know how to progress but i do know if i don't make a move within the next 2 days the opportunity might be lost forever...

I mean, in my opinion I feel the best move would be a simple text of " hey, wanna have lunch/get a drink tmr?"


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  • Kind of the same story just happened to me, except I was the girl and we don't even know each others names :(
    Hum... If you felt that kind of chemistry, don't be afraid. You should start by texting her like "hey, how are you doing? :) " Just to ask for her news, she will definitely appreciate...
    And wait a little bit later to invite her for drink/dinner.

    • i am thinking of texting her tmr around 11 am and ask her to lunch with me, what do you think?

      i never even got the chance to lunch with her for once during the time that we worked together!

    • I think you should start by just asking how she's doing, starting a friendly conversation... Only then, ask her for lunch. Let's say you ask her for lunch tomorrow. If ever she pretends she's not available that day, don't be afraid. This could a strategy ! :p Then ask her when she would be available... if she's into you, she will definitely find a day in this week to meet you ;)

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  • bold and direct