Guy says he likes me but suddenly ignores me! Advice PLS!?

Hey i needed some advice about a guy im seeing and like alot. We've been talking and going on dates for 4 months now and I decided to ask him about our "status" on the relationship. We BOTH agreed to continue going on dates but not put the "label" on us yet. He told me that I'm the only girl he's seeing, that he’s been “exclusive" for me for the past few months, and that he likes me. That same night we made plans for Wed (the "talk" was on sunday). Tuesday comes along and he texted asking if we can reschedule to friday/saturday (we picked friday). On Friday, he texted me saying he has to cancel cause "hes not in the mood" and apologized few times for cancelling twice. I asked him if i did something and he replies saying “not really, Im so out of it” and apologized again. I asked him if he wanted to reschedule for Sat and he never replied back. I messaged if everything is okay and was it because of his sickness (he was sick few days ago) but no replies. He is normally a private person and keeps most things to himself but i dont know why he's ignoring me when im trying to help. He never replied to my messages for 4 days now. I can't help to think maybe i did something since we just "talked about us" just days ago.. but right now im planning not to message him for couple of days. I just dont know what happened or what changed for him to start ignoring me. In my last text to him I asked him to tell me straight up whats happening and if he doesn’t wanna talk anymore to just say it. Cause right now im super confused and hate feeling “hanged on”. Any advice?


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  • I believe you tried too hard. You shouldn't text him or reschedule a date.
    There could be three reasons:
    1. He's playing this game to make you fall for him. ( so far he's been successful)
    2. He is busy with something serious and more important.
    3. He's just not into you.
    Either way l you should leave the ball in his court and wait.

    • i know i tried too hard but i hate the feeling maybe i did something. Also for #3, wouldn't he say something like " lets just be friends" (something along those lines) instead of saying " ill be straight up and say im only exclusive for you and i like you"? Thats whats really throwing me off

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    • Aw poor cupcake, its your first time huh? things like this happens a lot. No response is actually a response, you're not hanging. You just don't want to believe it. I've been there and I told you what to do. Three weeks from now you won't even remember his name, and feel like a fool for getting upset over something like this. Lol

    • Not my first relationship but normally the guys I've dated are more upfront/straightforward. Hahaa "wont remember his name" thats funny :P thank you :) !!

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  • hmmm theirs plenty of variables here, he could have lost his phone or hasn't charged it in days or maybe he just got a new game he wants to play for hours with out interruptions... y'all have been dating for months? on these dates does he pay or is it 50/50? maybe he's trying to save money i don't know...


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  • Don't worry too much. Maybe he needs time to think and let it sink in. If he doesn't answer within a week then I'd try calling him. If he keeps dodging you I think you should call i quits. For now, just give it time

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