Is he blowing me off in this text?

So, I met a guy about a week ago and we really hit it off. He gave me his number and asked me to text him, which I did. We've been texting pretty much all day every day since. Last Friday we were meant to meet up for a few drinks, but I had to cancel last minute cus my roommate had a personal problem she needed help with. The guy still carried on texting and even suggested we grab such brunch and catch a movie when we're both free. I text him last night to ask if he was free this week for a drink or something and he responded: "I'm actually working late every night this week but next week might work!"

Is he blowing me off by saying that or does he actually want to meet next week? I have no idea whether (and what) I should respond to his text!


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  • i personally think that this is not something to worry about as you present it here.. depends if he show you other signs as well if its only that i think it is ok.. answer him but dont show him that you are thinking over it give him a cool answer but good enough in order to make him feel that you are okay not that you dont care.. good luck:)

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