How to spot guys with good character?

I am the absolute worst person at judging someone's character. I feel like I'm really naiive and I don't see things that are obvious to others.

So many times I'll think a guy is really nice and my friends tell me he's actually an arrogant jerk and I don't figure it out until later.

I'm just not good at picking up on seemingly obvious flaws that make someone a bad Guy. Things like manipulative nature, arrogant, insincere, etc.

For whatever reason I develop crushes on guys like this. Then I find out they are terrible for me when I interact with them further over time. But my friends pick up on this stuff in the beginning!

I know a flaw I have is trusting people too easily and assuming good that really isn't there. I'm not perfect by any means but I always have good intentions.

How can I spot a quality guy? I'm told so often that I'm a catch and that I deserve one, but I'm bad at picking out who is quality and who isn't.

By quality I mean a guy who is genuine and treats people well. Definitely a compassionate guy and also intelligent and ambitious. I love guys who value their families also. Just a good guy with a good heart!

They have to be out there. I'm just not sure why I initially think every guy is like this... I just want to know how to spot the real ones!


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  • It's difficult. It's a feeling for me (intuition)...
    Nothing I can really tell you you don't already know.

    Listen to that little voice within that's telling you something is wrong with this guy.
    Just because he's smiling when he's offending someone doesn't mean he's joking. (just an example)


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  • Look at how he treats other people.
    Look at how he dresses. Normal or does he want to impress you with his appearance?
    If he is superattractive his character is likely to be more spoilt than a normal guy's character. He just doesn't need to care for you as there are 5 other girls waiting in line

  • A guy who wakes up early and is disciplined in whatever he does !!!

  • If you are attracted to someone, you will tend to overlook any of their flaws. Either picture an ugly person doing the same thing they just did, or get the opinion of someone you trust.


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