How can I get my parents to accept a guy that I met in school?

I am really interested in a guy that I met at college but the problems , my mother won't let me hang out with him because he's Spanish and there is nothing wrong with me dating a guy that is Spanish. She only wants me to date white guys and that is who she accepts. How can I convince her to date him? I don't want to lose another guy because of her.


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  • You are over 18. Its time for you to start making own decisions in life and date who you want.
    So stop caring what mommy thinks, she will ruin your life.

    • What if mommy is providing her a house, food, perhaps even paying for college? It's not that easy for some of us. If her mother's in control of these things and she disobeys she might kick her out to the streets.

    • So you would not date a person you love, because mommt buys you food and stuff? How about discuss with the mom and work herself too? If mom kicks you out because she is such racist and doesn't allow you to love anyone you wish, she would be really crappy mother.

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  • What is she gonna do if she finds out he's Spanish?

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