Shall I ask this guy out, or wait?

Hi everyone, so here is the story. I will try to keep it short & clear. I am interested in a guy who works with a acquaintance of mine. He works for a magazine. I made up some story to meet him via my acquaintance by saying that I was interested in an article he had written. I went to his office to pick up the magazine and met him , very briefly. Less than 10 min and i left.
Anyway, a few months later I emailed him saying i had forwarded his article to my boss ( who was mentioned in the piece), and she was impressed, blablabla.
He emailed back saying " that s so sweet of you, keep in touch!".
I would like to meet him again but outside his work place.
Can I email him and ask him to have a coffee together, using some fake article reason?
Thing is, I am really interested in seeing him, and. I m not sure anything will happen unless I make a move.
Can i ask him and if so, how?
Sorry i am really bad at doing stuff like that ( i can fear rejection and not do anything).
Thank you!!!


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  • Make up an excuse to meet him.


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