Why is mike being secretive?

I met this guy name mike. We hit it off really well. He told me even after we had sex that he really liked me and hed say things like. " i like u so much. I wanna make u mine. Promise me your my girl. Say your my girl. I love everything about u"
We had eachother added on Facebook but then he messaged me on there and said "hey text me when u can im deleting my Facebook too much bullshit" but what he really did was block me. He didn't delete it. And i was suppose to go to the lake with him and he never took me. I asked him if he had a gf and he laughed and said no. He makes up excuses like " i work all the time. Im tired im hanging out with friends. And he doesn't know i know he blocked me. Guys i need advice. Unfortunately i have feelings for this guy. Im picky as it is i dont crush on people often... i feel screwed.

I figured i was being used... wouldn't be the first time won't be the last...


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  • You were used. He blocked you because he doesn't care about you and only wanted to have sex with you without dealing with anything else so you gave him the sex and he decided that was enough so he blocked you. When a person blocks hyou it is over and they are done dealing with you so best you move on.


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  • Because Mike has a girl, and Mike got what he wanted from you.

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