What should I do to find the right girl? Cause most of them feels like they are not my type?

i had only 2 gf's in my entire life the 1st one traveled to another country and the 2nd one, we just broke up and till now i can't find the right girl, i deal with a lot of girls everyday at my work but still can't find her :(


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  • U r searching for substitute of ur ex gf. Dont go in relationship wit someone to get over ur ex. Take a break for few days or months. Then start dating a fresh. Enjy life. N yes noone is perfect. Love is about adjusting with different person in a loving way:):):):):):):)

    • maybe ur right cause u know , when u get that feeling for once u can't get enough of it for your entire life i just miss that feeling when i had someone who can talk to me and share with her all my thoughts and my dreams and go out together and a lot of things my words that my words can't describe it

    • U were used to her. Now u don't have her. So what? What are best buddies for? Live life. Take break and enjy a life free from all emotional dramas. When u would start enjoying, u would get out of d rut n dating would happen automatically :):):)

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  • Hmm I can't find the right guy. Sometimes you might not see her because she just probably was into her own stuff and you didn't realise she was there. I would suggest by being yourself, and when she sees you, hopefully she will drop some hints. :) being yourself is the best.

  • How hard are you trying to date?
    Have you tried online dating?
    Do you go out much, to meet new people?

    • iam trying to find my second half long time ago
      and nop i didn't tried online dating before
      from home to work to university to the cafe at the weekend sometimes to the club but rarely
      (btw i meet a lot of new people everyday cause of my work ) but u know that feeling that something is missing inside you x)

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    • okay ill try them out i dont feel like i want to try them but ill just do it... thanks for the help ;)

    • Maybe just take a peak... signing up and looking doesn't mean you have to do anything either.
      You're welcome and good luck :-)

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