Trying not to be over protective with my girlfriend?

I love my girlfriend, but she's super hot. She doesn't even realize it though. She used to be chubby and now I think her confidence is really low. She's already really shy but her body is amazing. She's skinny, curvy and looks fantastic. But in public she gets a lot of attention but doesn't even notice.
When we're out people try to check her out and touch her but she doesn't understand they're hitting on her.
Or when we go out to bars guys try to hit on her and grind on her but she just assumes they're drunk and don't know what they're doing. But they're not. When we go out if I leave for a minute and come back there's some guy hitting on her and she's just standing there being all shy.
So how do I make her understand that guys are flirting and not just being friendly? Also what am I going to do about protecting her, she dresses nice but her boobs are huge. And I don't know how to ask he to cover up, whenever I do she just doesn't get it. ( she can wear whatever she wants I just want to cut down on the attention she gets). Any help on how to kinda "conceal" your girlfriend would be great


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  • Don't straight up attack the flirters. She may think you're jealous in a very crazy way. Like if i were her, I'd love for you to say sumn to these guys, but in her case, dont ask her to cover up because she'll think you're too controlling. Instead jus interrupt the flirters by showing them that she's taken. Walk up and be like "Come on babe" and then the two of you walk off. These guys dont need an explanation as to why you did that. Because NOW THEY KNOW lol


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  • I honestly think you should talk it out with her, she's probably not used to all that attention and doesn't even notice if a guy is hitting on her or not. When you 2 go to the bars/clubbing advice her to wear something conservative. Dont command her to do it, you're her BF not her dad just keep that in mind.


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