What is he trying to tell me?

I have been talking to this guy for the passed two months and things have gotten very serious. He is three years younger than me, but he acts my age. When we first started talking he would send me long loving messages about how he cares about me and how I am everything he wants in a wife. We got in a fight about three weeks ago because I hadn't seen him in two weeks and his friends just showed up and ruined our night. He said he loved me and that he understood why I was a little aggravated. Now he is being kind of distant. He will text me the loving messages every once in a while and he is just very short. Last weekend we went to the fair and he held my hand and held me in his arms the whole concert. He tells everyone I am his girlfriend, but hasn't really asked yet. He sang EVERY love song to me and kept saying I love you. We then went and slept in the back of my pick up at the lake and when I got cold he wrapped me up so tight to make sure I was warm. He kept talking about how he wants to get married once he gets out of high school and one day start a family. When I got home the next day I sent him a long message like we normally do and all he said was "Wow I am speechless! I love you!" I have texted him "hey" and good morning texts the last two days and he hasn't replied. He has had golf tournaments the last two days, but he still gets on facebook. He used to text me and say that he was busy and couldn't talk to me or something like that but now he just doesn't text me His cousin is my best friend and she asked him what was going on and he just said he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend he's just got too much going on right now. What am I doing wrong? Why is he being so distant?


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  • You're not doing anything wrong. All seems well as a matter of fact.
    You said he's got things going on.. give him some space already.
    I do not see anything wrong from what you described unless there is more.


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  • Honeymoon goggles, youthful fascination with love, a touch of existentialism. No, nothing wrong here.

  • i think u better ask him once about your relation. he is so feared to ask u.


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