Who should she choose?

Ok I'm asking this question for a female friend of mine. Our school's prom is coming up, and she asked one of my friends. Recently there has been this other guy she likes and seems to be getting close with. She wants to know if she should stick with my friend or go with the guy she likes.

Once again this is for a female friend of mine, she always comes to me for advice and I need help on this one lol


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  • If the guy she currently has lined up would not mind changing dates, then I don't see a problem. It would be rather unfair for her to just ditch him though, but I don't know if she was going with him just so they would both have someone or if they had feelings for each other. It would also be foolish to lose one date just for the possibility of another. If she doesn't feel like she can definitely go with the new guy, then it's definitely not worth hurting the first friend's feelings. It would probably be best if she just stuck with him since she knows she'll have a date with him. Then she can deal with the new crush later.


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  • Go with who she likes, perhaps she should try to ask around and find an equally cute girl for her former date - at least this way she tried to do something nice. Long story short, she needs to follow her heart.